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We are unable to serve you gorgeous and glamorous staying like five stars hotel and resort but we take care for sustainable development our village and island of course earth itself. Daytime feel sun shine and night time feel darkness. Please look up sky when you feel lonely in the night. Thousands of stars shining in the sky.

We living in and with nature.

Rooms & Rates



Each villas are composed 2 bed rooms and 2 bath room and one living space. All beds are king sized bed which has width 180cm.Please check photos and description.


Room rates are based on seasonality. The price is entire suite to occupied only  you and your accompanied guests for private villa.

Please check our availability  




Our villa is located Nyuh Kuning village where was praised as the most beautiful village in Indonesia.
Our village is located southern border of Monkey Forest . There's well known holy place of Ubud.

Ubud is typical and the most holy town in Bali. You will see beautiful paints , hear sounds of Gamelan ,play Yoga and feel energy all over the town.

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